Sunday, May 24, 2009

Camp on Fall Lake

BWCA 2008

Since we just booked a trip to the Boundary Waters this week, I'm feeling BWCA nostalgia pretty hard. This was shot on our trip last year on Fall Lake. We took a close, easy campsite on Mile Island that looked cool on our map. When we got there, we found the campsite was on a thin strip of land between two long gorgeous beaches, maybe 40 yards wide. We left this site the next morning to travel up Basswood Lake

I shot this right after sunset, with Big Blue the trusty canoe pulled up on shore.


  1. Pretty sunset scene, a rare site to see sandy beaches up there. Over the years, we have used the Fall Lake entry. I always thought Newton Lake was picturesque but camped near Caribou Point on Basswood.

  2. This site was unique in that it had two of the longest beaches I've ever seen up there on either side of it. It was a really awesome site, even though Fall Lake is motorized (which didn't bother me as much as I thought it would)

  3. This one is my favorite so far. By a lot. I love this.