Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fort Snelling Winter


There comes a time every year for all Minnesotans when the horrors of winter have slowly been forgotten, washed away by pleasant weather, sunshine, and temperatures suitable for sustaining human existence. At such a time, a Minnesotan can start to think about winter in the past tense, instead of having terribly vivid flashbacks of feet upon feet of snow, miserable driving conditions, and cold so chilling it causes your testicles to hibernate. We get to thinking "Well, winter here isn't that bad. Sure, I haven't been warm for 6 months, but was it really so terrible?" This collective amnesia is the only reason anyone actually lives here.

On this note, I can finally post a picture I took this winter without hating the climate it was taken in. This is just off a ski trail in Fort Snelling State Park, done as a hand-held HDR that actually turned out pretty decent.

This photo was also snagged off my flickr photostream to be part of a website about Minneapolis and Fort Snelling

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