Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Non-Minnesota: Colorado


Shot out in Winter Park, Colorado. Fleeing the harsh Minnesota winters, @julielyda and I took a ski vacation in hopes that the weather would be warm. Warm being a relative Minnesotan term, meaning that we hoped for temperatures in the neighborhood of 30 degrees.

Once we got there, I noticed quite a few of the trees in the mountains were dead or dying, with some areas being completely killed off. Apparentely, pine beetle has been able to expand its range due to global warming. Typically, mountain tops were too cold in the winter for pine beetle to survive, but warmer and warmer winters allowed the pine beetle to move to higher elevations, where the trees that did exist were almost all susceptable to their tiny, gnawing jaws. This shot, I believe, does a good job at giving a sense of the desolation


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