Sunday, May 31, 2009

Still moving, so more non-Minnesota

IMG_1342 copy copy

Well, still in the early stages of unpacking, but hopefully soon I'll be able to take my camera and do some walking around Northeast. I've got a few ideas lined up already.

Here's a HDR from Colorado, on the gondola from the Village hotel to the ski area. Of course, it doesn't actually take you to the ski area, instead setting you down about a quarter of a mile from the closest lift. Because that's just what you want at the end of a exhausting day of skiing: walking a quarter mile in ski boots.

I made an HDR of this and since it was shot at a fairly high ISO it was noisy as hell. The gondola cars looked like checker boards, spotted with white and red noise. Not owning any fancy noise-reducing software, I made do with the poor man's noise reduction: made a red background and sloppily blended it with the red of the cars

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  1. Well done, the colors and lighting are very good. Noisre is always a hassle to deal with. I use Noise Aware, it's a free download. Works pretty good too.

    Good luck moving. Lots to photo-shoot in NE. All those cool bars like Tony Jaros, Stasssuis, Gasthof.