Tuesday, July 21, 2009

@julielyda, yet again with high fructose Jay Cooke for flavor


@julielyda clearly enjoys spending time by Lake Superior, watching the waves roll in and allowing the sound of the surf to drown out the jabbering noises I attempt to pass off as communication. With one final longing gaze towards the lake, she lovingly utters a string of curses at me as we continue our hike.


The rocks in Jay Cooke are always amazing to me. In a crack no wider than my pinkie finger a whole family of grasses and plants have been able to put down roots and thrive. Seeing this always impresses me, showing the struggle and tenacity of nature and whatnot, but if any sentient being ever had to endure this it would be miserable, not a noble struggle. Can you imagine living so close to your neighbors that your bare naked reproductive organs were touching at all times? Nothing noble about that.

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  1. All these pictures of me just make it look like I'm constantly ignoring you :)