Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Stone Arch Art Festival

You may have noticed by now that I'm not what you would call a "person who comes up with halfway decent titles for uninteresting blog posts" Much like when I was a child, I look at something, blurt out the first word to dance across my synapses, and mash the keyboard until the words that I see match the picture in front of my face. We could just fool ourselves and call it some sort of artistically minimalist statement about the photos, but then I'm no better than that jerkoff trout fisherman on NPR the other day talking about how making squiggly lines for titles was sticking it to the scientific binomial nomenclature.

Frankly, I'm not clever enough to pull anything like that off. These are necklaces, and that's what I called them.


  1. Well, I like it, so there! The depth of field works really well here. Maybe the brown flappy things aren't placed too well but overall it works for me.

    It could be a good stock photo, the sort of image used in a print mag on a piece about bazaars or similar.

  2. Honest, and so right. I fall into that trap all the time, trying to come up with a clever title, and most others seem to also. I think I might just augment the title of tomorrows post :)