Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Upper Sioux Agency State Park


Over Labor Day weekend @julielyda and I packed up all our camping gear (a lie, as my camping gear never leaves my car. Nice for camping trips, shameful when people ask you for rides) and we made the trek out to Upper Sioux Agency state park. It was a delightful park, with a combination of prairie, wetlands and river. We snagged a nice walk-in campsite (protip for any prospective state park campers: walk-in sites are ALWAY the best site. They're beautiful, far more isolated, and in this case you are allowed to actually drive your car to it, providing that you don't park it there) and spent some time hiking about.


Turns out, you can rent a canoe from the park office for a measly ten american dollars. Turns out, the Minnesota river is a wee bit shallow this time of year to be canoeing. Turns out, when the park tells you the whole trip takes "about half a day, or 2-3 hours" it's a hell of a lot closer to "half a day" than "2-3 hours". And, as it turns out, when you spend hours upon hours on a river without food or water, dragging your canoe across sandbars, your lovely afternoon paddle down a lazy river turns into a potentially homicidal event.

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