Thursday, October 1, 2009

Afton, and the photo that Emily has been yearning for.

Afton State Park

Not long ago, @julielyda and I spent the last nice weekend of summer in the best place to spend any time of the year, Afton State Park. As anyone who reads this blog or engages me in casual conversation knows, I have a total prairie obsession. I love to be in it, and on more than one occasion I've nearly wrecked my car and endangered the lives of my passengers pointing out native prairie on the side of the road. ("Hey, check out that sweet purple prairie clover! Man, she's a beaut- OH SHIT" *swerve*) You could say I'm gay for Andropogon gerardii.

Fall is the best time to get out and do some prairie-creepin'. Many of the flowers are still blooming, and the Big Bluestem (seen here) is in prime form, over 6 feet tall.

Upper Sioux Agency

This one's for Emily, who is relentless in her hassling of me simply because I impose a photographic burkha on my fiance, who is clearly seen here watching a turkey vulture circle ominously overhead.

Speaking of birds, after my last post google adsense decided that the audience that I draw is SERIOUSLY concerned with bird assault. Words of wisdom: keep your friends close, and your bird repellant closer.


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  1. Go to Australia during magpie season and you'll be concerned about bird assault too!