Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I'm back, baby!


Nearly a year after Ol' Twincy had its last post, I've decided it's time to dust off the cobwebs, slap on a fresh coat of internet paint, and bring this old girl back to life. Following the marathon last year, I was married a month later, went on a honeymoon, took the GRE, applied to grad school, and have now actually started said grad school. All of this didn't leave me with much of what is conventionally called "free time". As such, my beloved photoblog fell to the wayside, and before long I had forgotten all about it.

So, why start now? Well, to be honest I miss taking pictures. Without the constant drive to make content for my blog, I find myself forgetting to go out and take pictures. Sad to say, I squandered an entire Minnesota summer, the one time of year when walking around taking pictures is pleasant, without taking very many pictures. So, I am striving to break that trend by committing myself to providing high-quality photographic goodness. With another cruel Minnesota winter looming, perhaps this project will keep me sane.

Here we have a game of beanbags played up north this summer, while at a friend's cabin. Emily and Becca vs Art and I. I don't recall who won, though this toss looks pretty good.

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