Wednesday, January 25, 2012

25/365: eFolio


This is my professional portfolio, which I need to submit to get my teaching license. It contains about 101 different standards that I need to prove I am capable of teaching, using a combination of coursework, lesson plans, and anything else I can dream up even vaguely related to biology. I've been working on it for a solid month, and it's due on Feb 1st. It's incredibly frustrating; there's a tremendous deal of copying and pasting, enough so that completing the form for a single class that I've taken can take an hour and a half. In addition, the crappy eFolio system is buggy, and I lost a few DAYS worth of work, which I was unable to recover.

Luckily, I'm nearly done. At this point, I only have 4 out of 101 standards left, and I should be able to get that done tomorrow. Just in time for vacation!

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