Wednesday, January 25, 2012

25/365: eFolio


This is my professional portfolio, which I need to submit to get my teaching license. It contains about 101 different standards that I need to prove I am capable of teaching, using a combination of coursework, lesson plans, and anything else I can dream up even vaguely related to biology. I've been working on it for a solid month, and it's due on Feb 1st. It's incredibly frustrating; there's a tremendous deal of copying and pasting, enough so that completing the form for a single class that I've taken can take an hour and a half. In addition, the crappy eFolio system is buggy, and I lost a few DAYS worth of work, which I was unable to recover.

Luckily, I'm nearly done. At this point, I only have 4 out of 101 standards left, and I should be able to get that done tomorrow. Just in time for vacation!

24/365: iPad 2!


Here's the iPad, with the case Julie bought for it. Every sentence Julie said today contained the phrase "my iPad". She may be trying to make me jealous.

24/365: iPad!


Julie's company got everyone free iPads to celebrate their sale, and it arrived today! Considering she only found out she was getting it on Friday, that's pretty quick. She was so excited she tried to tear into it with her bare hands, because she couldn't wait for me to get scissors.

22/365: Pocketwatch


What did I get for a groomsmen gift? A POCKET WATCH, BOYS AND GIRLS. Whenever I use it, I'll always know that the train is late.

21/365: Wedding bowtie


Art before the wedding, about to drink some 21 year old scotch. Delicious.

20/365: Rehersing


We rehearsed in Plymouth before #allenthefamily. Not included in the rehearsal: Shouting "So say we all!" when asked a question by the priest.

19/365: Captured


We captured Art Allen for his bachelor party, and held him in a hilariously well-constructed interrogation chamber for nigh on 3 hours, in the freezing cold. We were pretty much the most inept interrogators in history, and Art outfoxed us on several occasions. A good time was had by all.