Friday, June 5, 2009

Alaska, and a stone-cold canoeing badass

Alaska 2008 112 copy

This was shot last September when me, my friend, and his poet-mechanic father went up to Alaska. It's the Minto Flats, a huge flat plain stretching out as far as you can see. It's an enormous area filled with lakes and wetlands, and it looked amazing in the fall. We stopped halfway on our drive to Fairbanks and I took nearly 100 shots at sunset.

BWCA 2008 006

Secondly, there was some concern that my post yesterday may have made it sound like my paramour isn't a grizzled wilderness veteran. That is hardly the case, as she has effortlessly out-camped several of my other camping partners. Here is further evidence of this, as she scrubs a pan clean with dirt


  1. I should try that on the pot I burned last weekend. Alaska would be a fantastic adventure. Any bear worries beyond the standard?

  2. We didn't camp while up there, but if we did the bears are pretty serious business. One of the guys with us always takes his .50 cal handgun when he camps

  3. I think the key to a successful relationship might be calling your wife-to-be a badass on a regular basis. You should test this theory.