Sunday, June 7, 2009

Boom Island


If you judge the success of a pub crawl by how terrible you feel the next morning, then our attempt to visit the bars in my new Northeast neighborhood was a smashing success. Here's a shot I took at Boom Island to ease the hangover.


  1. Boom! hows your head. So, which pubs did you visit?

  2. Boy, we hit a ton of 'em. We started at Gastof's, then Grumpy's NE, dive bar whose name eludes me, Knight Cap, Mayslacks, and topped it off with the 331 and their live, fabulous music

  3. The NE does have some interesting bars. Haven't been in the gasthof in ages. We'll have to visit it sometime Dusty, eh?

    You know z there's some graffiti over in that area (actually graffite is everywhere), an old defunkt railroad bridge across the river, a little south of 18th ave ne. You have to go underneath the bridge along the bank. Explore and graffiti you will find.