Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cars at the Art Fest, plus bonus Henly-Noir


Since Twin Cities Photoblog has been running a few classic cars the last few days, I thought I'd post one from the Arts Fest yet again. I didn't spend much time taking pictures of the cars, mostly because the older gentlemen who owned them looks fairly surly. In these situations , I usually walk by, looking nonchalant, before a lightning-fast crouch down to snap some shots as fast as my camera can. Stand up, walk away, pretend like nothing happened. Probably the owners don't care, but I'm tired of starting fights with septuangenarians. Tired of losing those fights, that is.


Bonus shot! All that's missing here is some blood splatter and a cigarette and we'd have a pretty rocking graphic novel about a gritty detective with a love for math. Did you ever see Mathnet? Basically, this is exactly the premise for Mathnet.


  1. Great stealth car shots! I am soooo glad I am not the only one afraid of the car owners. If I knew anything about old car talk, I would sweet talk and then ask. But, no, I am a wuss and resort to the stealth mode like you. :)