Sunday, June 28, 2009

Campventure/Bonus #campfail

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Went camping this weekend up at St. Croix State Park with @julielyda, @emilysaysso, and @punsultant, and had a pretty good time. The weather didn't cooperate, and we only went on one little hike-let, so I didn't get too many pictures. I did learn a few things, however. Camping beer = good, walk-in sites = good, good scotch = good, torrential railfall = sad, no tent in torrential rainfall = sad for some, comedy for others.


Hence, we have @punsultant, a strong proponent of the name of this prestigious blog, looking downtrodden and a little bit soggy after trying to weather the storm in a bottemless, apparently non-rainproof picnic shelter that was mistaken for a tent.


  1. Funny how beer, scotch, bourbon all go hand in hand with camping. Classic tent malfunction, perhpas too much beer? ;)

  2. But look at that great dry spot in the middle where we slept.

  3. i think i own both the sleeping bag and pillow case pictured here. a lesson well learned :)